The quarterly coordination meeting of the actors involved in the integration of migrants in Region 2 I


31st August 2016, Galati




World Vision Foundation Romania, as Beneficiary, together with Novapolis Association – Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development – Partner 1 and Centre for Civic Resources Constanta – Partner 2, have organized on Tuesday, 30 of August 2016, the quarterly coordination meeting of the actors involved in the integration of beneficiaries of international protection (BIP) and third-country nationals (TCNs) from Region 2,Constanta, Tulcea, Braila, Vrancea, Bacau, Vaslui and Galati counties.

The event was held within the project „INTEGRATION+: Services and assistance for migrants in Region 2” funded by the National Fund – Asylum, Migration and Integration (contract reference number: FAMI/15.03.02), with a duration of 12 months and a total value of 1.469.247,47 RON.

The purpose of this quarterly coordination meeting was to create the preconditions of good cooperation and coordination between the main actors involved in the integration of BIP and TCNs and facilitate the exchange of information, experience and expertise in the field. The quarterly coordination  meeting brought together representatives of the local community and from Region 2, institutions, social partners, NGOs and authorities, and it was a good opportunity to hold an open and constructive dialogue about important topics concerning the integration of foreigners, about finding better methods of working and coordinating, given their importance for BIP and TCNs who are in a vulnerable situation.

However, the event was meant to operationalize the process of developing partnerships and networks of local support to strengthen the capacity of relevant actors and inter-institutional cooperation in Region 2 for facilitating the access and providing assistance services (social, medical, psychological, legal, educational, labor market, etc.) adapted and appropriate to the specific requirements of BIP and TCNs legally residing in Romania. By involving communities and local institutions the project seeks to provide integrated services to BIP and TCNs and to improve their integration process locally and in Region 2.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Narcisa Alexe, PR and Event Specialist – Novapolis Association, tel. 0766.304.610,

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