24 March 2014

Press Release


The JRS Association in Romania, in partnership with Novapolis Association – Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development announces the promoting event of the Cultural Multifunctional Center My place. The event takes place on Monday, the 24th of March, from the 14:00 hours at 54 Street Mr. Ilie Opris, district 4, Bucharest.


The event included opening remarks from the organizers and officials, a tour visit and presentation of the Cultural Multifunctional Center, artistic performances of the members of the third-country national communities followed by a multicultural dinner. The promoting event benefited of participation of representatives of the embassies of the foreign communities in Romania as well as of the institutions active in the field immigration at local and national level, and of the non-governmental organizations that provide integration support. Representatives of TCNs’ associations, educational establishments and cultural centers, leaders of immigrant communities, intercultural mediators and mass-media were also invited.


Under the motto „The place where we meet,” My Place is the only multifunctional cultural center in Romania for foreign communities, that supports a wide range of cultural, recreational and educational activities. These can take the form of creation workshops, seminars on various topics of interest, sports, exhibitions, culinary evenings, thematic meetings and other events on request.


The activities facilitate the integration of foreigners in Romania and promote their values ​​in order to build a solid community. The activities developed at the Multifunctional Cultural Center My place constitute, as well, a support for foreigners’ associations, for the TCNs’ communities and non-governmental organizations in the field of integration.


This promoting event is organized within the project ,,My Place – Multifunctional Cultural Center – a bridge for integration of TCNs in Romania”, financed by the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals, through the General Program  “Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows” (ref: IF /12.02-04.01) of the European Union, managed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Schengen Directorate, as the responsible Authority and the General Inspectorate for Immigration as the Contractor Authority.



At 31.12.2012, the General Inspectorate for Immigration statistical data indicated a total number of 55823 third-country nationals with legal stay in Romania, out of these 44992 with temporary stay and 10831with permanent stay. Regarding their purpose of stay, the foreigners with temporary stay in Romania are: 19763 family members of a Romanian citizen, 8794 came to Romania to study and 5124 migrated to work. Most foreigners with temporary stay in Romania originate from: Moldova (13254), Turkey (8935) and China (6902). In Bucharest-Iflov region we find almost half of the total number of third-country nationals in Romania: 23470 TCNs, at the end of 2012.

Pentru informaţii suplimentare:

Ştefan Leonescu, Responsabil relaţii publice şi comunicare, JRS Romania, tel. 0732 129 236;

Narcisa Alexe, Responsabil Campanie, Asociaţia Novapolis, tel. 0766 304 610,

Press release – promoting event of the Cultural Multifunctional Center My place