Press Release – Working visit for Transnational Partnerships 22-27 June 2015, Rome – Italy

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29 of June 2015


Press Release


Between 22nd  of June to 27th of June 2015, Novapolis Association – Center for Analysis and Development Initiatives together with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, Social Dialogue Department, went to Rome, Italy to conclude transnational partnerships agreements for exchange of experience and best practices in order to facilitate access for young people to the labor market.

The Romanian delegation, led by Mr. Liviu Pop, Minister Delegated for Social Dialogue, along with Ms. Angelica Săbiescu, Project Manager Pro Juvenes, MLFSPE and Ms. Iris Alexe President of the Novapolis Association, partner 2 of the project, had a series of meetings with institutions and organizations for the preparation and finalization of transnational partnerships.

The Rome working visit facilitated discussions on social dialogue and inclusion of youth with Mr. Davide Faraone, Undersecretary, Ministry of Education and Research of Italy, with Mr. Luigi Bobba, Undersecretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Italy and with Mr. Giacomo d’Arrigo, General Director of the National Agency for Youth in Italy.

On this occasion they were signed transnational partnerships agreements with entities in Italy such as Association OASI and NOVA Onlus Association, National Consortium of Social Cooperativesand have been taken steps to future collaboration with the Institute for the Development of Vocational Training Workers (ISFOL) and MaTeMu Center (Maria Teresa Mungo), Information and Education Center for Development Onlus.

TheTransnational Partnerships Agreements signed are valid until September 2017 and contribute to the objective of the project – strengthening policies and practices regarding employment and networking at European level and strengthening the capacity of labor market actors (trade unions, employers and government authorities, NGOs) to be actively involved in promoting employment and social inclusion of young people by implementing policies aimed at their employment – volunteering law, the internship law, apprenticeship law etc.

Transnational partners will be involved in joint activities at European, national or regional level, accordance with the objectives of the „Pro Juvenes – Transnational Partnership for inclusive labor market for youth”.

The activity took place within the project “Pro Juvenes– trans-national partnership for an inclusive labour market for youth” project, co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Investing in people!

For additional information, the contact person is: Ms. Narcisa ALEXE, Communication and Event Organizing Expert, Novapolis Association, telephone: 0766304610, e-mail:

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