Press Release Launching Stage II Multifunctional Cultural Center My Place

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18th of September 2014


Press Release



Jesuit Refugee Service(JRS) in Romania, in partnership with Novapolis Association – Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development announces the promoting event that marks the launching of the Stage II of the project „My Place – The Multifunctional Cultural Center- a bridge to the integration of third-country nationals (TCNs) in Romania“.

The project is funded through the European Fund for Integration of third-country nationals, under the General Program “Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows” (ref: IF/12.02-04.01/2013) of the European Union, managed in Romania by the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Schengen Directorate as Responsible Authority and the General Immigration Inspectorate as Contracting Authority.

The second Stage of the project is implemented from July 2014 until June 2015.

The general objective of the project is to support the foreigners’ communities, third-country nationals (TCNs) by sustaining the Multifunctional Cultural Center My place along with the development within the Centre of social, recreational, educational and cultural activities, that facilitate an adequate environment for multi and intercultural activities, implemented with the assistance and direct involvement of TCNs.

Direct beneficiaries of the project are the third-country nationals with legal stay on the Romanian territory, including TCNs with permanent stay or with family reunification visa, students, workers and foreigners who are family members of a Romanian citizens etc.

The main activities of the project in Stage II include:

  • Maintain the Multifunctional Cultural Center according the project’s objectives;
  • Promote the Center’s socio-cultural, recreational and educational activities and the Multifunctional Cultural Center My Place;
  • Identify and inform the beneficiaries, consult with the foreigners’ communities in order to match the Center’s cultural and multicultural activities with their needs.
  • Organize socio-cultural activities addressed to the target group such as: multicultural events, culinary evenings, exhibitions, tea-house and library.
  • Organize socio-recreational activities such as: sport activities, internet Cafe, cultural cinema, activities for children and a Children‘s Room.
  • Organize socio-educational activities such as: thematic meetings, workshops on social issues regarding integration into the Romanian society, workshops on creativity, art and socio-therapy and events requested by the TCNs.

For additional information, please, contact:

Cătălin Albu, Project Manager Jesuit Refugee Service, tel. 0732 129 238,

Iris Alexe, Project Responsible Novapolis Association, tel. 0725 259 919,

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