Launching of the project GlobalCool!

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22th of July 2016, Bucharest

Press Release


„AUR” – The National Association of Human Resources Specialists (A.N.S.R.U) in partnership with Novapolis – Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development announces the launching of the project „GlobalCool! Raising awareness and active involvement of young people with regard to development issues of the modern world „.

The GlobalCool project aims to implement an information and awareness-raising campaign among high school students, aged between 14 and 19, from Bucharest and the counties of Bacau, Buzau, Vrancea, with regard tothe global development issues. The main topics that the project addresses are related to Post-2015 Development Agenda, focusing on aspects such as eradicating extreme poverty, gender equality, fair and inclusive education, decent work, migration and development. The project will be implemented for a period of 10 months (01.06.2016 – 30.03.2017) and it is co-funded by the Romanian Government through RoAid – Romania’s Development Cooperation Programme.The main activities of the projects include:

  • activities for informing and recruitment of the target group, promoting the project and its results;
  • educational activities for development through seminars and implementing a discussion platform;
  • workshops to promote gender equality;
  • thematic seminars and creating a network of multipliers;
  • Summer School and an Academic Tour.

Through its activities, the project aims to empower and improve the knowledge of youth from Bucharest, Bacau, Buzau and Vrancea on the values and concepts of international cooperation for development, on how they work and how they are put into practice in Romanian society, and at the same time how to operate with these concepts in everyday life, understanding that global change starts with each of us.

For more information, please contact:

Raluca Manaila, Project Coordinator – „AUR” – The National Association of Human Resources Specialists, tel. 0723326084,

Narcisa Alexe, Project Responsible – Novapolis Association, tel. 0766.304.610,


***“AUR” – A.N.S.R.U. is a nongovernmental organization that has the goal to promote the concept of human resources in Romania and who,  as a partner or leader, ran multiple awareness campaigns both nationally and internationally, promoting human rights and labor rights, equality in the contextof the development cooperation, dialogue between the social partners and the active involvement to implement development policy in Romania, in order to achieve the MDGs.

***Novapolis Association is a nongovernmental organization that aims to contribute to a democratic, inclusive and diverse society that is economically and socially balanced, capable to respond to everyone’s needs. Novapolis’ mission is to support and promote the democratic values, as well as the models and the interventions for developing a society based on freedom, responsibility and respect. Novapolis Association acquired a larged experience in the field of migration, foreigners integrartion, development of the migration and mobility policies, both through its projects but also through the participation and involvement in national and European networks.