International Cuisine Workshop – an Educative Experience and a Savoury Moment of Delight!


Novapolis Association had the pleasure to take part at one of the most important events dedicated to international development – the Romanian Development Camp 8th Edition, that was held in Bucharest, in the period 8 – 10 July 2015.

On this occasion Novapolis Association organized an International Cuisine Workshop – an educative experience and a savoury moment of delight for the participants. The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness, to promote multiculturalism and to popularize the cultural specific of the migrants’ communities from Romania through gastronomy and art. Food brings cultures together and this happens especially when various flavours and different cultures mix. The type of dishes, the way they are prepared and the way of serving, the table good manners are the best way to express the specific cultural background of people, families and individuals.

Along Novapolis Association, representatives of migrants communities from Romania participated: from the Arab community Mr. Ameen Ahmed and from the Philippine community  – Mrs Jeneth Alambra together with the dance group, but also people that are passionate about international cuisine and practitioners and fans of martial arts, customs and traditions of other cultures – Mr. Albert Stoica and his team.

The Philippine community enchanted the audience through an artistic demonstration that is specific to the local cultural world presenting extremely expressive spiritual and cultural dances, dances that subsume and synthesize various eppisodes of the history and tradition of this country (devotional dances, warrior dances)  proving once again that music and dance are universal languages  and ones of the most accesible and beautiful methods of cultural knowledge.

The workshop was held taking into account that Novapolis Association realized the Multicultural Food Recipes, within the project My Place – The Multifunctional Cultural Center – a bridge to the integration of third-country nationals (TCNs) in Romania. This can be browsed online on the Facebook page, but also on the website of My Place Center and of its partners. .( )



The 2015 edition of Romanian Development Camp was dedicated to European Year for Development and brought together experts in the international development field, researchers, representatives of the academia, NGOs and Ministries.

The debated subjects were hot topics on the current development agenda: Sustainable Development Goals, Romanian involvement in development assistance, migration, gender and development, humanitarian assistance etc. The event was organized by FOND (the Federation of Nongovernmental Organizations for Development) with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Within the participant organizations were: EuropeAid, Central and Eastern European Bankwatch Networks, The European Confederation for Development and Relief – CONCORD, UNDP – Regional Centre for Europe and Central Asia and other FOND members.