Infotainmentul Snapshots from the Borders Constanta – 07.09.2018, Constanta

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Constanta, 10.09.2018



Infotainment Snapshots from the Borders Constanta – an information and workplace dedicated to migration issues and Agenda 2030


Novapolis Association – Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development in partnership with Constanta Municipality organized on Friday, 7th of September, 2018, the Infotainment Snapshots from the Borders, setting up a stand in Ovidiu Square in Constanta – an information and working space to promote and debate on migration issues and challenges which migratory flows have on cities, particularly those on the border.

The event aimed to raise awareness and inform the general public in Constanta as well as local relevant stakeholders active in the field of migration about the project Snapshots from the Borders and its activities. The Infotainment sought to improve the critical understanding of global interdependencies that drive migratory flows to European borders, with a view to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 1, 5, 10, 11 and 16.

At the infotainement, representatives of NGOs, public institutions and academia, pupils and young people, citizens and migrants debated on the issue of migration in connection with SDGs and voiced their support for the „No More Bricks in the Wall” campaign. A series of videos and informative materials on migration management and the integration of migrants in Romania, about the culture and contribution of refugees to the development of the host society were presented and disseminated at the informative stand of the project. At the same time, the participants to the infotainment Snapshots from the Borders benefited from the expertise of representatives of the Immigration Service of Constanta, the County Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Constanta, the Coast Guard Constanta, Ovidius Constanta University, the Foundation World Vision Romania and the intercultural mediators present at the stand of the project.

Moreover, the event was supported by the Euroscola team of the Constantin Bratescu National  Pedagogical College in Constanta, promoters of the campaign „We are Europe – the Europe we believe in”, that have carried out a series of activities to promote the project Snapshots from the Borders. The 24 students and 2 teachers present in Ovidiu Square disseminated flyers and balloons and discussed the importance of the project with the local community. They actively participated in the workshop held during the event and enjoyed the music and the cheerfulness at the infotainment Snapshots from the Borders.

The infotainment took place within the project „Snapshots from the Borders – Small Towns Facing the Global Challenges of Agenda 2030”, contract no. CSO-LA/2017/388-115, co-funded by the European Union through the DEAR program, implemented by 31 partners from different EU and non-EU member states, project leader the Municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa (Italy). For more information regarding the project activities: or and / or by phone 0725 259 919 or e-mail: asociatianovapolis@gmail. com, contact Iris Alexe, National Coordinator.

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