Global Report Snapshots from the Borders

The Global Report of the participatory investagation is now ready

20191206_221610Novapolis Association announces the publication of the Global Report of the participatory research carried out within the project Snapshots from the borders – Small towns facing the global challenges of Agenda 2030 ”, contract no. CSO-LA / 2017 / 388-115, EuropeAid Program, DEAR (Education for development and awareness-raising actions).

The global study is a synthesis of the research that was carried out at European level by conducting 20 local participatory surveys. The research presents the cases and compares information on immigration in the territories located in 13 Member States, as follows: Traiskirchen (Lower Austria), Strass in Steiermark (Styria) – Austria; Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina; Burgas – Bulgaria; Agios Athanasios – Cyprus; Grande-Synthe – France; Thuringia Lander – Germany; Aegean and Rhodes Islands – Greece; Siklósnagyfalu – Hungary; Lampedusa (Sicily), Bolzano Autonomous Province, Marche Region, Apulia Region – Italy; Marsa – Malta; Constanta, Romania; Maribor and Črnomelj – Slovenia; Tenerife – Spain; and Sweden.

Chapter I of the Report presents the situation at EU level and the interdependence between EU, national, local communities from a multi-level administration perspective with a greater focus on exploring the different immigration/emigration past. At the same time, in the first chapter, the dimensions of the national policy in the field of migration are explored and analyzed and the territories and their experiences of migration are described.

Chapter II provides information on public opinion and representation of migration, respectively on relevant issues related to local integration. In this sense, a crucial dimension is the political discourse and the politics, respectively the dynamics of the local/national policies and factors, focusing on their limits and success, the practices used and the needs for improvement.

On the other hand, the role of the actions of the civil society actors and the local authorities, the way they cooperate and face challenges related to migration are equally important elements of research.

The global report reveals the different local, regional, national, European contexts as well as the challenges, experiences, practices and modalities of inter-actor cooperation in managing immigration and refugee integration, respectively the impact of migration flows at the level of territories/regions and in partner cities of the project and how immigration and integration of migrants are managed in each country, especially at local level, in local communities.

You can download the Global Report for free by clicking the link below.
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