Working visit on migration and challenges of Agenda 2030 – Lampedusa, Italy

13th of October 2021

Novapolis Association and Municipality of Constanta participated in Lampedusa, Italy to the working visit on migration and challenges of Agenda 2030

At the beginning of October 2021, Novapolis Association –Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development and the Municipality of Constanta participated as project partners in a series of activities carried out under the project “Snapshots from the borders – Small towns facing the global challenges of Agenda 2030”, co-financed by the European Union through the DEAR program.

During 2nd to 7th of October 2021, the Romanian delegation was present in Lampedusa, Italy, where it attended the commemoration ceremony of the 368 migrants, women, children and men, who lost their lives on the night of 3rd October, 2013 in a shipwreck off the coast of Lampedusa.

At the same time, the last module of the International School on Migration took place in a hybrid format, face-to-face and online. Among the topics of the Migration International School attended by the Romanian delegation are: the transition to sustainability and migration, reducing consumerism, Agenda 2030, developing partnerships with the private sector to reduce inequalities and climate change.

Moreover, during the working visit, the coordination meeting of the Snapshots from the Borders project was organized where discussion were held regarding the activities and results of the project, future plans and cooperation to continue work on management the migratory flows for the benefit of all, with respect, solidarity and tolerance.

On 3rd of October at 3.15 morning, the representatives of Novapolis Association and Municipality of Constanta together with the representative of Ovidius University in Constanta paid tribute to the migrant victims at the “New Hope” Memorial (Nouva Speranza) – a symbol and a message of solidarity, tolerance and humanity for migrants and refugees worldwide. Later during the day, the Romanian delegation also joined the migrants who survived the shipwreck on 3rd October 2013, students from Italian schools and local public authorities to keep a moment of silence in the memory of migrants that died on the sea, at the „Door of Europe”. Afterwards, the delegation along with the project partners, local authorities and the Lampedusa community went to the place of the shipwreck, about 1,6 km from the port of Lampedusa, to commemorate the victims and to take part in the ceremony of sending flowers in the sea performed by Mr Salvatore Martelo, Mayor of Lampedusa, in memory of the migrants who have lost their lives on their way to a better life.

During the working visit, it was organised as well, the tour of the project Snapshots from the Borders “legacy” (the museum and exhibition on migration, the monument dedicated to migrants, etc.) and the presentation of Ms. Caterina Famularo, former director of the Center for the reception of migrants at the “Favaloro” landing took place, the location where the boats of the rescued migrants are brought and where they receive help and assistance.

On the last day in Lampedusa, the cemetery of the island where dozens of migrants are buried was visited and the meeting took place at the „Madonna di Porto Salvo” where those present discussed with Mr Vito Fiorino, the man who rescued many of the migrants involved in the shipwreck on 3 October.

Migrants are people, not figures and statistics. We must act to protect people first and foremost, not borders!!!

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