Redirect 3.5% of your tax income to the Novapolis Association!

Support our activity by redirecting 3.5% of your income tax

Support our activity by redirecting 3.5% of your income tax

You choose what you want to do with a part of the income tax of the past year income that is paid to the state budget. In case you do not support a cause or a certain organisation, the total amount of your income tax will be directed to the state budget.

și depune-l la Adiministrația Financiară de care aparții (and submit it to your local ANAF office to which you belong (here is the list of local ANAF office), so that it reaches ANAF until the deadline of 25th of May. Also, you can send the filled-in form by post, as a confirmation delivery letter.

How to fill-in and send Form 230 online:

  • Download the Form 230 (hiperlink)
  • Fill-in the form fields that can be edited
  • Sign the form by using handwritten signature
  • Send it to our address: or on Whatsapp : +40725 259 919

*in order to fill-in the form 230 online you need to have the Adobe Reader downloaded

How is your money spent?

All of the funds raised are used to support our current activities and projects and to provide support and assistance to the vulnerable groups such as: women, children, people affected by poverty, migrants and refugees. Visit our Projects section and find out more about our activities.