EUReKA project results – making intra-EU mobility “user-friendly”

18th of Octomber 2021

EUReKA project results – making intra-EU mobility “user-friendly”

Novapolis Association, as a national partner in the project “EUReKA-A key access to EU rights”, co-financed by the European Union through the European Program on Rights, Equality and Citizenship – REC, contract no. 826666, is pleased to announce the Project Final Conference.

The event took place under the coordination of the European Institute of Romania (IER) and took place in online format, in English, on the ZOOM platform, on November 18, 2021, between 10:30 and 13:30.

The aim of the conference was to present to the mobile citizens of the European Union and stakeholders the conclusions of the EUReKA project and its main achievements. The project promotes and facilitates the mobility of citizens in the Union, through innovative initiatives and making new tools (a Portal and an Application) available to EU mobile citizens, thus contributing to promoting free movement within the EU by increasing access to and use of digital information.

For more information about the digital tools developed within the project, we invite you to access the promotion links of the portal and the APP application #key4mobility, available at

Another relevant result is the Handbook of Best Practices on digital tools (available here EUReKA Handbook 2.0 resize), a possible result due to the involvement of EUReKA partners and now in its second edition, thanks to the joint collaboration between Centro Studi e Ricerche IDOS and the European Institute of Romania. The handbook contains data on mobility in the EU, mobile citizens in the EU and UK, and identifies a number of good practices, such as common gaps and problems, highlighting key issues related to public policy, information and accessibility. At the same time, the handbook offers multiple recommendations and conclusions and addresses current issues in the form of dedicated/focus-on sections, highlighting the benefits of the EUReKA portal and its application to EU Member States.