EUReKA Conference – Back to the Future

8th of July 2021

Press release

Back to the Future – A European meeting on free movement rights in times
of Covid-19. How to guarantee intra-EU mobility in a pandemic?

Today, 8th of July 2021, before the official launching of the EUReKA Portal and of the Application (APP), took place the online conference – Back to the Future – A European meeting on free movement rights in times of Covid-19, that brought together relevant actors, experts and journalists from all over the Europe, including Romania, and also the representatives of the “EUReKA – A key access to EU Rights” project partners: Italy (ACLI Italia and Patronato ACLI, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, ANCI Lazio), Romania (Novapolis Association– Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development, National Trade Union Confederation Cartel ALFA, European Institute of Romania), Croatia (Zagreb Grad), France and Portugal (Tandem Plus).

The event was organized by the project coordinator – Centro Studi e Ricerche IDOS (Italy), together with acli e.V. (Germany) and provided a space for a series of discussions and debates on how to support and facilitate intra-EU mobility in the context of the pandemic impact over the free movement within European Union. Another topics of interest debated within the conference were improvement digital communication and how to overcome the challenges faced by the EU citizens and mobile workers, when it comes to information and support, bringing some practical examples from the experience of the „Faire Mobilitat” program, held by the Trade Union Confederation from Germany (DGB).

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a number of challenges over the free movement of the mobile citizens and led a large number of Member States to reintroduce more internal border controls or close some of the borders, and also to apply temporary restrictions for travelers from other European countries. Only through sustained joint efforts the fundamental right to free movement of the mobile citizens in the EU can be supported and respected.

Through the EUReKA project are developed 3 new online tools that aim to support mobile citizens: the handbook entitled „Digitalized EU citizens”, which includes a series of good practices and recommendations collected from all partner countries within the project; a unique practical and easy-to-use web portal „Key to Mobility”, and an application APP, connected to the portal, which allows to every user to access useful information at any time from any mobile device. All these tools will be valuable assets for all the European mobile citizens, and it will contribute at raising awareness and improve the abilities of the mobile citizens in regards with their mobility rights, making them digitalized mobile citizens. Thus, informed and more digitalized mobile citizens are better integrated and more interconnected.

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