CLARINET: Constanta Artistic residencies – knowledge and understanding the migrants around us

5th of August 2021, Bucharest



Constanta Artistic residencies regarding migration and the positive contribution of migration in – awareness, knowledge and understanding the migrants around us


Novapolis Association – Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development together with Constanta Municipality organised between July – August 2021, the artistic residencies program in Constanta, regarding migration and the positive contribution of migration in the local community.

The participants of the artistic residencies program, developed within CLARINET project– Communication of Local Authorities for Integration in European Cities, were the artists Victoria Ghilas and Constantin Rusu. Their mission was to work on the migration and intercultural dialogue theme, to explore the daily reality of the local community of Constanta, to research and analyse critical situations, experiences, stories and the perceptions of the locals, the cohabitation with the new residents, trying to bring a new interpretation of the positive contribution of migrants into the host community, respectively in Constanta county and Dobrogea region, through their artistic vision.

In order to help the artists to achieve their artistic research and to give them a better understanding, Novapolis Association had facilitated a number of meetings and working visits, with different relevant actors from Constanta, such as non-governmental organizations, immigrants and intercultural mediators. 

During the working visit at the JRS Romania – Jesuit Refugee Service Association and the Integration Centre for Refugee from Constanta, the artists had the opportunity to participate within a Romanian language course, alongside with the migrants, thus finding out more information about the integration process, and about the activities carried out within the Integration Centre, such as: information, counselling, material and legal assistance, medical and psychological assistance, counselling for employment, and also about social, cultural, educational and recreational activities, Romanian language and cultural orientation courses.

Together with the UDT – Tatar Democratic Union fromConstanta, the artists enjoyed a cultural tour of the mosques from the Mangalia, Constanta and Babadag cities, finding out more about the culture and the traditions of the Tatars from the Dobrogea region, about the annual festival Kurultai, a festival meant to open the horizons of the intercultural dialogue, to promote cultural diversity and tolerance within communities and the acknowledge of the cultural-historical values.

During the meeting with the representative person of the Civic Resource Centre from Constanta, the artists had the opportunity to find out more information about the integration process of the refugees and the migrants from Constanta, as well about their positive contribution within the community.

Also, the artists interacted with intercultural mediators and migrants from Constanta, who talked about their life in Romania and about the Arab community from Constanta city, especially about the Syrian community established here, that is helping newcomers to find a home or a job, thus facilitating their integration process.

The role of the CLARINET residency program, is to help raising awareness, knowledge and understanding between different groups within society and to create a renewed sense of trust and belonging to a certain place, having a positive impact, both on the involvement of the locals into society, and also on their perception regarding the immigrants. The artistic creations made by the two artists, include a series of photographs, sketches, paintings and small texts that highlight the feelings and the emotions of the migrants, and the impact and their influence within the local community. The artistic creations will be presented to the public, within the communication campaign and an event held in Constanta, in September.

The artistic residency program took place in all 8 partner Member States within the project, respectively: Romania, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Cyprus, Austria, Bulgaria and Greece.

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