BOSS Conference – Social Inclusion Strategies: Benefits and Difficulties

The Conference – Building a network of CSOs that will promote Social Inclusion Strategies: Benefits and Difficulties

Within BOSS project – Building a Network to Boost Social Secure Europe, the Socialist Women’s Movement from Cyprus and its project partners, including Novapolis Association, held the Conference Building a network of CSOs that will promote Social Inclusion Strategies: Benefits and Difficulties.

The event took place on 25th of May 2021 and brought together experts, representatives of the European institutions and non-governmental organizations from 9 European countries, respectively: Romania, Sweden, Norway, France, Cyprus, Estonia, Poland, Denmark and Italy.
The main subjects debated within the conference were the vulnerability of the social systems, the worsening of social inequalities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the national social policies and the European Pillar of Social Rights, gender equality and the important role of the civil society, which can contribute to overcome the challenges brought by poverty, the worsening of the social inequalities, social exclusion and unsustainable development.

This conference is part of a series of events, that will be organized in several European countries by the project partners, including by the Novapolis Association, that will bring together relevant key actors, local, national and international public institutions to promote the social inclusion strategies within a network of civil society organizations, in order to improve the social asistance and protection systems at European level.
Thus, the newly developed network will offer more opportunities for advocacy and actions with impact over the policies, through a close collaboration, a unitary goal and a common plan for development, both on medium and long term.

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