Awareness-raising activities and inclusion strategies carried out within the BOSS project

15th October, 2021

Awareness-raising activities and inclusion strategies carried out within the BOSS project

Between August and October 2021, a series of training, awareness, advocacy and experience exchange activities took place within the BOSS project – Building a Network to Boost Social Secure Europe, funded by the Erasmus + program.

On August 19, 2021, Novapolis participated with interest in the training session “Training on awareness and strategies for social inclusion”, organized by Latvijas Sieviešu nevalstisko organizāciju sadarbības tīkls – Latvia. The training brought together participants from Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Italy, Sweden and Norway and provided an opportunity for a series of exchanges of experience and best practices on social inclusion strategies. On this occasion, we shared some of our current activities and projects, including the CDMiR project – A common vision for the integration of migrants and refugees in Romania and the call “Solidarity with Afghanistan”, an action initiated in this project that managed to bring together over 400 of organizations in Romania.
All participants in the event stressed out both the importance of consulting civil society and all relevant actors when debating social inclusion, and the importance of promoting gender equality in order to combat poverty and social exclusion among women, while providing examples and good practices from their country.

In the online webinar of 15th September 2021, we discussed about social inclusion, capacity building, strategies and methods for creating, developing and networking. During the event we addressed the issue of the national situation regarding the non-governmental sector, which in many countries is very fragmented and vulnerable, few organizations joining the networks and more, few networks with really high organizational capacity. Capacity building is a way to improve and streamline an organization to fulfill its mission through strong management and governance and involvement in evaluation and results.

Boss webinar 7 octOn October 7, 2021, we also participated in the webinar “Awareness and strategies to reduced inequalities for a better social inclusion” – Exchange of experience in ensuring social rights in Norway. Sammen om en jobb Norway emphasized the importance of mentoring programs, which proved to be an effective way to exchange knowledge, develop social skills and promote integration into the labor market, and presented some key issues regarding mentoring for migrants and refugees, as a tool that can be successfully replicated in other states.

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