We are

Novapolis Association

Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development

Novapolis Association – Center of Analysis and Initiatives for Development

aims to contribute to a democratic, inclusive and diverse society that is economically and socially balanced, capable to respond to everyone’s needs. Our mission is to support and promote the democratic values, as well as the models and the interventions for developing a society based on freedom, responsibil.

What we do?

The mainareas of activity include grass-root actions, analysis and assessment of public policies and their impact at local and national level, social projects in the field of immigration and foreigners’ integration in Romania, work force mobility into the European Union, inclusion and participation of youth, social justice, social dialog and community development, equal opportunities, and promoting education, culture and democratic values.


At Novapolis, we work together as a multi-disciplinary team, cooperating and using the experience and knowledge that each of our team members brings to the organisation in order to strengthen our core competencies and to add value and quality to our partnerships and to the services provided to our beneficiaries.

technical expertise and consultancy

Novapolis Association acquired experience and can provide technical expertise and consultancy in domains such as: research, training, socio-educational and recreational activities, personal development and counseling, social inclusion and civic participation, communication and public relations, project management, anti-poverty policies, humanitarian intervention and development cooperation, migration and labour market, healthcare and sport, youth policy.



Novapolis Association is member of the National Antipoverty – Social Inclusion Network (RENASIS) which is, respectively, part of the largest European network working to combat poverty and social exclusion – the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN). As member of this network, Novapolis Association is involved in a series of national and European activities aimed at preventing social exclusion and combating poverty and, also,it represents Romania in the Policies Group of EAPN- EU Inclusion Strategies Group.

As member of the Federation of development NGOs in Romania (FOND), the Novapolis Association is campaigning for the design and implementation of a coherent and effective policy of Romania, in the field of cooperation in international development and humanitarian aid.