Clarinet-„Positive Storytelling Kit” on Migration and Integration for Local Authorities”

Screenshot_20200910-225459_DriveWe publish the „Positive Storytelling Kit” on Migration and Integration for Local Authorities” CLARINET_TOOLKIT_ENwhich brings together a series of communication campaigns that provide a positive narrative about migration, many of them extremely innovative and examples of real inspiration.

Its aim was to gather best practices, practical tips and concrete examples, which public administrations can refer to when launching their own communication campaigns.

As hate speech against migrants becomes more widespread in the public sphere, it is of fundamental importance to provide effective tools to actors at the forefront of the migration debate to help them reach European citizens and citizens, local authorities, especially those located in border areas, where the presence of new migrants has a particular impact on local demographics. More generally, this set of tools is addressed to all stakeholders, public or private, who want to communicate a different narrative about migration, beyond the notions of invasion and threat, but using feelings of empathy and curiosity.

The toolkit is interactive, so if you want to learn more about a particular project, just follow the links and keep reading more on our site. You will also have the chance to browse the multimedia products created in your campaigns, from songs to animated videos, short films and documentaries.

The kit was developed within the project „Communication of Local Authorities for Integration in European Towns” CLARINET [Communication of local authorities for integration in European cities], co-financed by the European Union through the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (FAMI), contract no. 821562.

Enjoy your reading!